Thursday, April 9, 2015

Things you Should not ask an Alaskan

NOTE: This was not written by Terrye Toombs nor is it endorsed by her. This is a non-paid 'sponsored' post. I have not received any compensation for hosting this guest post.

Written by: Harry Roger

Alaska is not a country it is actually part of the US that is located
in the northwest extremity of the North American continent. It is
usually called the Last Frontier. Alaska is geographically removed
from the mainland USA so naturally Alaskan have different lifestyle
but they are still American. So, don't ask which country they are

Most people pictured Alaskan as a redneck driving pick-up trucks with a dead moose in the trunk, or Eskimos who live in an igloo, they don't. Don't ask them if they are lumberjack, not all Alaskans are lumberjacks.

Don't ask Alaskans about Sarah Palin, the Palin jokes are getting
tired. Not everyone in Alaska personally knows Sarah Palin. Try
telling a new joke about Alaskans. In my opinion, Sarah Palin did more harm than good in portraying the Alaskan people to the outside world. She even compared herself to a pitbull wearing lipstick.

Don't ask Alaskans if they are cut off from civilization, yes Alaska
is isolated but they also have internet and cable TV. Alaska is
staggeringly beautiful, you live close to nature which may have caused the term "Moose Country." It has a lot of wildlife like grizzly bears, bald eagle, ravens, harbor seals, stellar sea lions, otters, and
moose. You can also experience in the Alaska the stunning Aurora
Borealis, which is called magnetic midnight. It is also called the Northern Lights, this will blow your mind. They are the most magical
mystical things in nature that you will ever experience.

When asked why don't Russian President Vladimir Putin annex Alaska? He jokingly replied it's too cold. Yes, Alaska is too cold. However, residents acclimate and wear warm clothes. Also what sets Alaska apart from the rest of the world is the length of the winter, it starts in September, and stays around until April. You can do a lot of fun stuff in Alaska during winter like cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, dog mushing, snow boarding, and snowmachining. Other outdoors activities like camping, back packing, hiking, biking, kayaking, mountain climbing, fishing, and ice skating are also popular.

If you have other stereotypes to add, please tell them in the comments section!

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